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Date of Birth : 15th February 1930

Address : Appt. 1  12 Sloane Gardens, London SW1W 8DL  

Telephone No (44)  207 589 4398

Fax  (44) 207 460 5110


Nationality : British

Medical School : Westminster Medical School 1953-1956

Military Service : (RAMC) Short Service 1958-1961 

MO  Household Cavalry Knightsbridge, MO i/c SHAPE ,Paris 

Qualifications : MA, MChir,.(Cantab) FRCS, FRCS (Can) FACS(USA) 

Past Appointments include:

1965-1967 : Associate Professor of Surgery, McGill medical school Montréal

1968 1972 Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School

1972-1975 Boston University Senior Assistant Surgeon Cambridge University 

1996-2008 Senior Surgical Specialist Medical Appeals Tribunal

1970/1971 Fulbright Scholar (USA) Harvard Medical School

1998-1999 Advisor  Kenya Health Services President Danielle Arap Moi

Adviser Organ Transplantation Ho Chi Minh Vietnam Adviser Mongolian Health Services President N  Enkhbayaar  

1978 - 2009 : President world transplant games


Academic Awards and Distinctions:

1974 : Hunterian Professor, Royal College of Surgeons of England

1976 : Vice President, European Society of Organ Transplantation

1995 : Distinguished International Medal-National Kidney Foundation, USA.

1995 : President, Organ Transplant Section, Royal Society of Medicine, London 

2002 : Order of Burning Spear  award  by Pres  D. Arap Moi

2008 : European Transplant of the Year  By Czhech Ttansplant  Society          

2014 : Mongol  Morin  Khuur  award  by Pres.  N Enkbaayaar


Bibliography / Clubs:

Chapters in 11 published books, 126 Papers, Refereed Journals

All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, Wimbledon, Queens Club, London Hurlingham, Club, Hawks Club, Cambridge

Consulting Surgeon, 10 Harley Street, London W1G 9PX

Consultant Health Care Mongolia,VietNam

   Founding President World Transplant Games 1978-

President  UK Transplant Games 



Some 11 years ago I was fortunate enough to set up a hemodialysis and kidney transplant programme in Mongolia. Mongolia is in many ways unique. It is large ( three times the size of France ),sparsely populated last three million people and very closely linked families. Because it was politically a positive step in the success of the transplant programme has resulted in successful links with success in democratically elected governments. As in most countries at this present time, obesity new two and inappropriate sugar laden diet and administer exercise has created an increasing number of overweight Mongolians was its consequent burden of disease such as type two diabetes and early onset of coronary artery disease was a consequence of high rate mortality from coronary infarction.


Always the full support of the present government we are launching a program of Healthy living education linked linked with a expertly led cardio vascular unit which includes heart transplantation. Two leading heart units based in the UK and Switzerland are providing expert training and short term in-house support. There is, at present in Ulaanbataar) a Korean supported Liver Transplant unit (beginning 2014).


I am confident that as in the kidney experience we will  be able  to use  our Mongolian experience in  to the wider field of a severe global problem. I keep in touch with The Cho Ray Hospital  in Ho Chi Min where I was able to initiate a dormant kidney transplant program-now performing more than 50 kidney transplants annually. I retain activity  on a consulting basis both at  National and World Transplant Games  level. My interest continues mainly in weighing the evidence by tracking down the  quite extraordinary properly established links between  physical exercise and specific pathological conditions including cancer. A particular interface is between the immune process and intense physical exertion necessary for high level sport.  Joint studies with Prof Metabolic unit at  Loughborough  University have been  stimulating in this area with the co-operation of leading football teams and Olympic athletes.